List of Questions

1a. Publisher (webmaster) adds the site to the system and sets up the prices for the types of content which he wants to publish.
1b. Advertiser creates the new project in his panel.
2. Advertiser adds the articles, which he wants to publish, to the system. Otherwise, content can be ordered from us or from a site owner.
2. Advertiser searches for sites that offer the placement of the chosen content type.
3. Advertiser makes an offer for the site owner to publish the content.
4. Publisher accepts or rejects the offer.
5. If the offer was accepted, publisher has to publish the content in 10-30 days (the period is chosen by the advertiser). On this step publisher, depending on the type of the offer, can prepare content to publish, order it from us or use the content given by advertiser.
6. Publisher places the content on his site.
7. Advertiser checks the publication, accepts it or returns for revision.
8. Our system constantly checks if the publication was not removed.
We accept almost all types of sites, which meet our quality requirements. What we do not accept are: site directories and low quality sites (SPAM).
The site moderation usually takes up to 24 hours on working days.
No, it is impossible, as you do not need to install any code on your page, there are no any automatic methods, and all content is published manually.
Publisher (webmaster) sets his own prices based on website’s metrics, topic and performance. Still we have some price limits.
The minimum withdrawal is $30.
We offer the lowest fees on the market for using the service. Taking 5% from advertiser and publisher equally.

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