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Use EMPIRELINKS Internet marketing service for:

Website promotion in search engines and link building

Eternal links are the best way to white SEO promotion of search queries in the TOP10 of search engines results (SERP). We offer only the highest quality resources, links from which are perfect for the formation and gradual increase of backlinks. You get quick results with minimum number of links that is also a sign secure, natural promotion.

Increase of site traffic

Gradually increasing the number of links and other content leading to your website, thereby increasing traffic to the website, you can:

  • attract new visitors
  • find potential customers
  • improve behavioural factors

PR-campaigns - the formation of brand and company image

Online PR campaigns have a direct impact on the sales increase and popularity of your goods, products and the company as a whole. By placing articles and media content through EMPIRELINKS you can:

  • spread the information about your company, its services, products, news, promotions, etc.
  • increase brand awareness on the Internet and beyond
  • increase the level of confidence in the brand, product, company and person

Reputation management (SERM)

Many users, before making a choice, look for reviews and opinions on the Internet, which have a direct impact on their decision. Managing reputation in the search engines, you will be able to attract new customers. We will help you to:

  • eliminate the negative reviews of the first pages of search engine results
  • create a positive profile in the search engines
  • deal with black, negative PR

Our Advantages:

For Advertiser

  1. One-time payment - pay once for eternal placement. We ensure that the published content, even after a long time, will not be removed from the site.
  2. Manual publishing - all content and links are placed by site owners manually. No methods capable to cause suspicions of search engines.
  3. Sites of the best quality - all sites are manually moderated. We select only high-quality and valuable for promotion sites.
  4. Wide range of publishing content - articles and reviews with links, links from images, media content (video, audio, flash), sitewide links.
  5. Free removal and loss guarantee - we guarantee refund in case of loss or removal of links and other content after placement.
  6. Advanced search options - you can search for sites to place your content by selecting the PR, Alexa Rank, number of outgoing links, traffic, presence in the directories, and other metrics.
  7. The lowest fees, only 5% - we offer the lowest fees on the market for using the service.

For Publisher (Webmaster)

  1. Access to the advertisers from many countries - we are constantly working to increase the number of partners and the geographical expansion of the service.
  2. A wide variety of content types for publishing - you can publish articles, reviews, photos and media materials, sitewide links.
  3. A minimum of effort to earn money on your website - you get prepared content, while spending only a few minutes on its publishing.
  4. Free content for your website - text, images, videos in various formats and on the variety of topics offered by advertisers.
  5. Secure publishing - you can choose exactly which content to publish and may reject any offer before the publication.
  6. High earnings - the lowest fees (only 5%), you set your own prices based on your site’s metrics.

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